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Hong Kong App Building Price Guide 2021

The number of so-called app developers is plenty, and their charges are widely varied, it's just not easy to find out the legit ones. For example, if an app is built to generate profit, then the stability of the site and the subsequent management are essential. 2Easy does not recommend freelancers in this case as their services are not sustainable and disorganized. For instance, a freelancer could be skillful; however, you never know if he cannot be reached when your site is down, even if it's only hours. Most importantly, a one man band is unable to deliver all your project requirements, not to mention the unpromising warranty from a casual professional.
The value of an app development company lies in its project management expertise and understand the needs of its customers. Thus, effectively allocate resources to meet customer requirements.
The following is the Hong Kong app development price guide:

【Mobile App Development Cost, Rate Comparison】

Simple General Challenging
Cost HKD 30,000 - HKD 70,000 HKD 70,000 - HKD 250,000 > HKD 300,000
Type Webview App General customization Fully customization
UI Design Website Templates General customization Fully customization
UX Design No General customization Fully customization
Customization No General High
Branding No General High
Functionality Limited General customization Unlimited / fully customized
Multi Language Generally not included Included Included
Development Opportunity Limited General Unlimited / fully customized
Maintenance / Upgrade Self-maintenance or additional charges Included in a contract period Included in a contract period
Modification Limited Included in a contract period Included in a contract period
Suitable for Small scaled App / Low branding requirement / Low traffic requirement Require traffic growth / Require branding / Require customization Creative APP / High functionality requirement / High traffic requirement / Corporate image APP / Highly customized
*The information above is for reference purpose only. The final service details are subject to the agreement.
Why is 2Easy superior to other platforms?
1. Personalized recommendation
Several services matching platforms in the market adopt a first-come-first-served system, that means, clients receive bids from quick responding service provider, but not the right one. We believe that it's not an appropriate matching system when comes to website development projects, as they are more complicated and do not meet clients' needs. 2Easy guarantees personalized recommendations, we recommend 2-3 most suitable production agencies according to customer needs. If clients are not satisfied, we follow up to ensure customer satisfaction.
2. Only quality agencies exclude freelancers
Unlike other service matching platforms, they do not have quality control over their service providers. You can only find excellent quality web development companies on the 2Easy platform excluding Freelancer. All company portfolio and service quality are certified by the 2Easy strict quality assurance team.
What are the potential risks searching for app development agencies online?
In general, 7 out of 10 business clients are dissatisfied with the service providers they find. Different from other low-skilled services (such as appliance repair and cleaning), app development is varied and complicated. Service providers claim that their services meet clients' need. In fact, customers do not understand service providers' skills, past clients, previous experience, etc. There are plenty of agencies in the market, and 2Easy is a third-party appraiser to verify their quality with a full grasp of the market information. We follow up with projects of different clients, allowing us to gain a wealth of experience and Insider information to handpick the most suitable agencies for our customers, thus greatly reduce the risk of project failure.
The price range for building an app is significantly huge. You can find charges range from HKD 10,000 to hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars. The fees generally include UI/UX design, project management, server management and other services. For sure, the more complicated it is, higher the price it fetches. Here we list out the most popular app types and functions on the market, you can find the price range of each type:

Cost for Mobile App Development:

1. WebView or Templated Mobile Apps:
If you have tried using the WebView App, you have probably figured out that it has many downsides. For this reason, experts recommend that you opt for customized mobile apps developed by professional app development agency. The WebView App is for standard information-based functions only. It adapts to a webpage on a mobile screen and can be easily used in the offline mode or say, airplane mode when you’re traveling. The main downside is that you’ll deal with issues like more of bugs and longer page-skipping time. With technology advancing at breakneck speed, you will need a mobile app that evolves with the updates available with the latest iOS and Android phones. And, the WebView loses out on that aspect in a big way. Another alternative is the Templated app. But, such tools also include the typical downsides of the WebView. Many companies use them as cheap knock-offs of the real thing, but then they only make do with the default settings of the app that comes with limited functionality and the incapability of keeping with the latest upgrades available. The bottom line is that if you’re looking for commercial software that has the potential to evolve with changing technology, it is best to opt for customized mobile applications that may cost you a little extra, but will seem much more practical.

2. A Custom App:
he cost of a custom app is based on the number of pages, the amount of multimedia content, the functionality of the app, and the quality required. For example, an information app requires basic functionality, the fees range from HKD 50,000 to HKD 300,000. The huge price gap is decided by the required production time and labor costs. In addition to app development and design costs, system maintenance and upgrades also bring extra costs, depending on the capacity required.

3. Fully Customized App:
If it is an innovative app with unique functional requirements, a fully customizable functional specification is required. Customized programming with special functions requires long hours of works from skillful programming engineers, it, therefore, drives the costs up. The sites require a project manager, app UI designers, UX designers, front-end engineers and back-end programmers who possess system and industry experience and knowledge, to work together. Due to the high cost of customization, relatively high professional requirements (system specifications and enterprise client requirements), the cost is generally more than HKD 300,000. The quality and deliverable of different agencies significantly vary. The project must be reviewed and revised from time to time. It is a safer and wiser choice to choose a professional agency. Enterprise clients can afford no website failure.

Features and Services of App Deveplopment:

Customized Apps adopt the native versions of the iOS and Android that are compatible with their devices.
The software is written in advanced languages like Java, Objective C, or Swift.
Such apps are at least 6 times faster than the WebView. Any applications you use on your mobile phone are a lot more stable and adapt to the latest released upgrades making them essential for users looking for the most advanced of features. If you’re looking for commercial software that has the potential to evolve with changing technology, it is best to opt for customized mobile applications that may cost you a little extra, but will seem much more practical.

Additional services to Mobile App Development:

Clients should be aware of the associated charges and additional fees. As mentioned above, renting of server and app hosting are all feasible solutions. In addition, it's necessary to understand the details of a solution an agency offers, some only deliver programming services, and are not responsible for the content and images of the app.
If your app requires additional images processing, gallery, or premium UI design services, the cost may be extra. As for post-services, if you need support in updating or maintaining the app from time to time, a monthly fee is required, depending on the scale and complexity of the update.

Mobile App Development Payment Schedule:

In general, app development services are charged in stages.
1. Recommended by 2Easy
According to clients' needs, 2Easy will recommend 2-3 most suitable agencies for free. Client and agency have a preliminary discussion and understand their company background and project details. Then, the agency delivers a proposal and quotation.

2. Client makes a hiring decision and a deposit payment
Client selects the most desirable agency, signs the contract and makes a deposit payment. (2Easy also offers an optional Escrow payment service. The client makes the first payment to 2Easy, 2Easy only releases the payment after the agency has accomplished and delivered the work, and it is approved by the client.)

3. Complete the initial phase, the second payment schedule due
Upon completion of the initial phase, the client makes the second payment if it's been approved. At this stage, it involves app content, customized programs, preliminary system testing and modification, and animation planning.

4. After the entire work is completed and delivered, the remaining balance due
Final testing and De-bug modification executed, also need to ensure that all files and programs are delivered after the app is up and running, and the client is ready to pay remaining balance after their approval.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
QUESTION 1:How can 2Easy helps finding Mobile App Development agencies?
There are three key reasons:
1. 2Easy accurately assesses the pros and cons of different developers and reduces the risk of failures:
Many corporate customers end up with disappointing results when sourcing for app developers without expertise. The quality of most development agencies sourced online is highly inconsistent, and the typical client may not be able to accurately ascertain their capabilities. 2Easy ensures the quality of each agency by evaluating their prior works and portfolios. On top of this, we are also stringent in verifying their backgrounds, operational scale and strengths.

2. 2Easy can recommend the most suitable developers based on clear understanding of client needs:
Each developer has different strengths and areas of expertise, and a good match is critical to ensure successful project delivery. 2Easy also has an established network of independent developers with full knowledge of their capabilities and expertise. Armed with clear requirements from the client, 2Easy can carefully select and recommend the most competent and well-suited developer for each task, greatly reducing time, cost and risk for the client.

3. Data-driven developer appointments and 2Easy's expert advice:
On the 2Easy platform, clients can monitor their project status or view developer ratings and reviews to identify the best agency for them. We also collect data from all our developers and translate these into meaningful charts and diagrams. Along with our expert advice, you can quickly gain clarity and understanding of the market and be confident of appointing the development agencies we recommend.
QUESTION 2:Some people say that HKD 5,000 is sufficient for a good mobile app. Why do the developers on 2Easy have quotations in tens of thousands?
The scale of app can range from anything as basic as a student's assignment page to a massive app like UBER. Thus, the question is what type of mobile the customer needs. The more complex and demanding the project, the higher the price. Many templated sites are overly-simple and unstable, with no capacity for high speed, high traffic, network security, or customization. If you are building an app for corporate branding or commercial purposes, it’s important to weigh the risk of losing time and prospective customers against any potential savings in web development.
QUESTION 3:Why should I seek a mobile app developer when I can use one of the many mobile app builder platforms?
This depends on the needs of customers. Generally, the design and functionality of the low-priced self-service app builder platforms are quite basic. It can cause brand confusion or brand damage when your site looks too similar to many others. Without expert knowledge of app architecture, layout and general design, your DIY app may also not turn out professional-looking or aesthetically pleasing. If your business’s advertising cost remains high on an ongoing basis due to poor branding, that would negate any savings gained from using a DIY web builder.
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