VR / AR Cost & Pricing】
Hong Kong VR/AR Price Guide 2021

If you would like to add Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) features in your marketing campaigns, you’ll likely find various companies offering these services at possibly, vastly varying rates. The reason behind this disparity is the finesse and technique that goes into the final product. For instance, the precision displayed by programs that create images using a 360 camera or a digitally-drawn stereoscopic image. While you can opt for freelance designers to create these images for you, it is advisable to work with professional companies who will also offer you a warranty and after-sales service to back their designs.
The value of an VR/AR development company lies in its project management expertise and understand the needs of its customers. Thus, effectively allocate resources to meet customer requirements.
The following is the Hong Kong VR/AR development price guide:

【VR / AR Cost, Rate Comparison】

Low cost Market Price High cost
Total Cost HKD 100,000 - HKD 300,000 HKD 300,000 - HKD 600,000 HKD600,000 or more
Hardware Rental Not included Generally included Included
Online Installation Not included Generally included Included
Dismantlement Not included Generally included Included
Programming Simple Normal to High Quality Creative & High Quality
Motion Design / UI Design Simple Normal to High Quality Creative & High Quality
Branding Limited Generally included High Quality
Maintance (1 Year) Not included Generally included Included
Project Managment Limited Included but not event planning Included as well as event planning
*The information above is for reference purpose only. The final service details are subject to the agreement.
Why is 2Easy superior to other platforms?
1. Personalized recommendation
Several services matching platforms in the market adopt a first-come-first-served system, that means, clients receive bids from quick responding service provider, but not the right one. We believe that it's not an appropriate matching system when comes to VR/AR projects, as they are more complicated and do not meet clients' needs. 2Easy guarantees personalized recommendations, we recommend 2-3 most suitable VR/AR agencies according to customer needs. If clients are not satisfied, we follow up to ensure customer satisfaction.
2. Only quality agencies exclude freelancers
Unlike other service matching platforms, they do not have quality control over their service providers. You can only find excellent quality VR/AR companies on the 2Easy platform excluding Freelancer. All company portfolio and service quality are certified by the 2Easy strict quality assurance team.
What are the potential risks searching for VR/AR development agencies online?
In general, 7 out of 10 business clients are dissatisfied with the service providers they find. Different from other low-skilled services (such as appliance repair and cleaning), branding is varied and complicated. Service providers claim that their services meet clients' need. In fact, customers do not understand service providers' skills, past clients, previous experience, etc. There are plenty of agencies in the market, and 2Easy is a third-party appraiser to verify their quality with a full grasp of the market information. We follow up with projects of different clients, allowing us to gain a wealth of experience and Insider information to handpick the most suitable agencies for our customers, thus greatly reduce the risk of project failure.

Cost for VR/AR Marketing Campaign:

1. AR / AR Marketing Campaign
Should you contact professional branding companies to organize VR/ AR marketing campaigns for your product launches, you can expect that the cost will run up to anywhere from HKD 300,000 to HKD 500,000. That's because the company will likely provide the entire scope of services such as event management, venue booking and planning, stereoscopic images, and other preparations for the virtual presentation. They may also include the use of Augmented Reality equipment such as VR glasses, motion chairs, and any other games and activities that provide potential customers a realistic experience about how the products work and perform.

Most companies have fixed cost packages for around HKD 300,000 or less that include standard modules. But, if your company and its products need more advanced features for their promotion, you can request for customized programs that may cost you an additional charge. Like, for instance, if you need the development of mobile apps to cater to shoppers scouting for products using their cell phones. The total price for the VR/ AR campaign can also depend on the total number of products you wish to promote. That's because, each product will need a stereoscopic image to project it in the best light possible. Accordingly, in case your company has several hundred or thousand products to advertise, the cost could go up to HKD 1,000,000 or higher.

Features and Services of VR/AR Development:

The Virtual/Augmented Reality Production Company will be responsible for the entire virtual/augmented reality video, games, and mobile app projects, while some virtual/augmented reality production companies have their own event planning teams, so they can take care of the big campaigns themselves. In addition, the companies cam provide one-stop service so customers don’t need to find another company to handle the rest.

Additional services to VR/AR Production:

VR/AR production companies typically have tie-ups with professional teams who are experts in their respective fields like providing equipment for the VR/ AR experience, developing mobile apps, event management, project management, and various others. As a result, the one company you choose act as your go-to people for all your advertising needs without the need for contacting individual teams. For this reason, hiring a single company to provide you all the services you need is well worth the cost.

Payment Schedule:

1. Recommended by 2Easy
According to clients' needs, 2Easy will recommend 2-3 most suitable agencies for free. Client and agency have a preliminary discussion and understand their company background and project details. Then, the VR/AR agency delivers a proposal and quotation.

2. Client makes a hiring decision and a deposit payment
Client selects the most desirable agency, signs the contract and makes a deposit payment. (2Easy also offers an optional Escrow payment service. The client makes the first payment to 2Easy, 2Easy only releases the payment after the agency has accomplished and delivered the work, and it is approved by the client.)

3. Complete the initial phase, the second payment schedule due
Upon completion of the initial phase, the client makes the second payment if it's been approved.

4. Service completed
If the client is satisfied with the service, a new contract can be signed to extend the service.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
QUESTION 1: How can 2Easy helps finding VR/AR development companies?
There are three key reasons:
1. 2Easy accurately assesses the pros and cons of different agencies and reduces the risk of failures:
Many corporate customers end up with disappointing results when sourcing for VR/AR development companies without expertise. The quality of most VR/AR development agencies sourced online is highly inconsistent, and the typical client may not be able to accurately ascertain their capabilities. 2Easy ensures the quality of each agency by evaluating their prior works and portfolios. On top of this, we are also stringent in verifying their backgrounds, operational scale and strengths.

2. 2Easy can recommend the most suitable companies based on clear understanding of client needs:
Each developer has different strengths and areas of expertise, and a good match is critical to ensure successful project delivery. 2Easy also has an established network of independent developers with full knowledge of their capabilities and expertise. Armed with clear requirements from the client, 2Easy can carefully select and recommend the most competent and well-suited VR/AR development companies for each task, greatly reducing time, cost and risk for the client.

3. Data-driven agencies appointments and 2Easy's expert advice:
On the 2Easy platform, clients can monitor their project status or view agency ratings and reviews to identify the best agency for them. We also collect data from all our companies and translate these into meaningful charts and diagrams. Along with our expert advice, you can quickly gain clarity and understanding of the market and be confident of appointing the VR/AR development agencies we recommend.
QUESTION 2:Which type of company is the 2Easy platform most suited for?
1. SMEs all the way to large multinational companies: 2Easy is a qualified and professional platform specializing in servicing corporations. If your project is quite small in scale (e.g. total project budget of less than HKD20,000), we recommend sourcing for independent freelancers.

2. Customers who need multiple quotes at the same time: Some companies require projects to go through a series of tendering procedures, including quotations and proposals from multiple developers for comparison. 2Easy is perfect in this scenario. Simply tell us the requirements of your project and the number of quotations required, we will select the appropriate developers for submissions.

3. Companies sourcing for new VR/AR agencies: It is a norm for companies to rotate through different development agencies on a regular basis. This practice increases the enterprise’s exposure to new technologies and trends. In our fast-paced business environment where consumers are ever-hungry for change, continuous evolution is a core driver for many businesses. 2Easy understands and can recommend innovative developers who will help you push the boundaries.
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