2Easy drives business opportunities and clients for your agency

Build up an online presence to gain trust and confidence for your company. Convert visitors to become your clients! Receive quality leads and leave marketing works to us!

Step 1 (Create Your Profile)
  • Create an account and build a profile on 2Easy
  • Invite 3 of your past clients to submit reviews about your services. We will contact them and conduct a 5 minutes interview with them.
  • 2Easy has a strong quality assurance to ensure all agencies are competitive, capable and honest.
Step 2 (Select a Relevant Job Lead)
  • Your profile is ready to go!
  • You will be notified if any relevant job leads are available
  • 2Easy obtains full details of the project from clients, verifies each job lead to ensure they are legit and qualified. Easily go through job leads and choose those that interest you
  • Get in touch with the potential clients. Explain why your agency is a good fit for this project
  • Click Submit!
Step 3 (Discuss with Potential Clients)
  • Clients will get back to you, arrange a meet up with the clients on 2Easy!
  • You are more than welcome to come back to 2Easy for our suggestion.
  • When your agency is hired, notify us to improve the winning chance for the next lead.
  • You have the full responsibility discussing payment terms with the clients.
Step 4 (2Easy Conducts Review for Your Agency)
  • After the project, please notify us so that we will know the project is completed. We will also contact the clients for a review.