【Web Design & Development】 for Cryptocurrency & ICO
To be successful in the ICO business or Blockchain projects, you’ll need a viable website with an all-rounded SEO & online marketing plan, an impeccable user body and information interface to accelerate your brand acceptance.

【Web Design】to be successful in the ICO business, you’ll need a viable website to accelerate your brand acceptance

Cryptocurrency being a fairly new entrant in the market, people are skeptical and will only buy from you if they feel extremely safe. In fact, you’ll have to work extra hard to convince your potential customers that you’re not like the scammers on the internet preying on unsuspecting customers. Let’s dwell on factors that help to spark interest and convert your readers into customers.

Exciting your customer within the 10 seconds
In fact, research shows that customers make a purchase decision within the first 10 seconds of visiting a website. So, work on exciting your customer within the first 10 seconds and enjoy the benefits So, having looked at the basics of cryptographic currency and Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Use Animated Explainer Videos
Formulating and using an Animated Explainer Video makes your website more relatable and easy to comprehend. So, design an efficient video covering who you are and what you offer in a simple and professional manner
The Importance of SEO Optimization
According to Statista, Google handles more than 3.8 billion searches in a day, further stressing on the importance of curating your content to match the searching needs of your target market. SEO allows you to optimize the content for search engines using common keywords and phrases. Remember, the higher you rank on Google Search, the easier it is for your target market to find you

【Social Media Marketing】It's important for Cyptocurrency Business to Put Emphasis on Social Media

Unlike conventional products, ICO marketing is an entirely online affair which greatly relies on social media to spread the information. So, build a strong online following and effectively convert them into your devoted cryptocurrency and ICO customers. 
Social Media: Social media continues to grow and play an important role in how organizations communicate with their customers and investors. Manage your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter professionally to communicate and respond to your stakeholders quickly. The company’s social media platforms should also have information about your website and links that allow for direct access to the different facets of your website.
Incorporate Chatbots: Chatbots provide an avenue to interact with customer and visitors to your website. And in an industry where much takes place online, the Chatbot integrates human aspect which goes a long way in inspiring confidence and building trust with the person(s) on the other end. So, manage a Chatbot section and establish an active discussion area for the customers to interact with each other freely.
Reward Program: Setting up and maintaining a reward program on your website attracts potential customers and rewards already existing customers. Having a well-thought ICO marketing strategy lures in new followers to expand your coverage. You can also use influencers as brand ambassadors to mobilize the other members of your community.
To sum it up, Cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) are two variables with a rosy future. And having looked at what ICO is, how to go about inspiring followers on your website, and how to grow your coverage, there’s nothing stopping you now. Get yourself a web development company now!

【Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solution】Cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Whether it is the trading platform of the crypto-currency, mobile wallet development companies, and ICO-issuers, you can benefit from different comprehensive digital marketing technologies to increase market share

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