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Client: StyleInk

StyleInk was founded by the famous Hong Kong blogger Shirley Kwok. The blog contained all things that Kwok was passionate about, including parent-child fashion, stylish clothing, and food facts. Since its establishment in 2010, the website has accumulated a large number of local and overseas fans. Faced with the recent trend of paper media and other media outlets, Shirley hopes to improve her website design from a personal blog to a new media platform that will give readers a more professional and authoritative perception.

As StyleInk has been established for quite some time, hundreds of feature articles and over a thousand albums have been accumulated.

Taking into consideration the amount of data and SEO rankings, the Swantix team directly follows the original CMS of the website and redesigned the front-page layout without changing the background. This approach, though, requires more time to consolidate the legacy databases but allows clients to keep past articles and doesn’t require clients to re-adapt to the background.

The image processing requirements for fashion site on are very high. It’s necessary to fully present the fashion details and to also balance the photo size while ensuring that the site speed is not reduced. In view of this, the Swantix team had to automatically control the proportion of graphics to PHP, in particular, so that customers can choose their own eye-catching pictures for the background of the home page while maintaining a smooth transition to the website.

Unlike most local bloggers, StyleInk is written in English and has readers from all over the world, so traffic management is more complicated. The Swantix team had to provide comprehensive SEO management services for the site, including Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tool, Google Search Console, and so on, so the site had full control of traffic data, which made it easier to analyse current reader preferences and potential reader preferences as well.

The Swantix team also integrated the MailChimp newsletter marketing tool on the website, enabling StyleInk to proactively provide the latest content to the reader immediately, without having to wait.

With this design of a CMS, our client can update the web content on their own simply and quickly, which could save a lot of time and expense in long run.
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