To be successful in the ICO business or Blockchain projects, you’ll need a viable website with an all-rounded SEO & online marketing plan, an impeccable user body and information interface to accelerate your brand acceptance.
Financial Services
The retail industry in Hong Kong is highly competitive. As online shopping had joined the fierce battlefield, you can now buy anything online, lifting the retail industry to an ever fiercer competition. It is rather challenging to standing out amongst online stores. Especially when established brands and bricks and mortars are also developing their online footprints (O2O - offline to online) to attract existing customers to shop on their online stores. Therefore, in addition to your physical stores, you must have your own online store. Attracting new customers and driving sales via creative online marketing strategy. Companies with big pockets can even apply AR (Augmented Reality) technology to their business or marketing plan, to thrive in the competitive industry.
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