Jump Willy
Awarded Promotional Animation "Why Hong Kong?"
“Why Hong Kong” is an animated film, developed by Jump Willy, in partnership with Filipe Andrade (from Marvel Comics)

It was created as an in-house and non-commercial project over the summer 2014, and is our tribute to Hong Kong, to celebrate the opening of our Hong Kong studio that same year.

The project went public on the 28th of October 2014, on the International Animation Day.

The facts presented in the film were taken from official government sources, and after collecting more than 200 very interesting facts, 10 were chosen from online votes from our team outside of our Hong Kong studio, as we wanted to perceive what would stand out for people that don’t know Hong Kong.


Silver Dolphin at Cannes Corporate TV & Media Awards in Cannes/France

Gold Remi at WorldFest in USA

1º Place at Art&Tur International Tourism Film

Festival, for Best Animation

ICT Award for Animation Startup in Hong Kong

1º Prize for Best Promotional Film at Finisterra

International Tourism Film Festival

1º Prize for Best Innovation/Creative Film at Finisterra

International Tourism Film Festival

2º Prize for Best Destination Film at Finisterra

International Tourism Film Festival
client size 客戶: Jump Willy
industry focus 客戶行業: 廣告及營銷
client size 客戶規模: 中小企業
service 服務: 網上品牌管理 , Ad 廣告活動
category 類型: 2D動畫 , 3D動畫 , 企業性質短片 , 解釋說明類型短片 , 特寫類型短片 , 推廣短片 , 聲音和音樂設計
location 地區: 香港特別行政區
audience 目標對象: 企業形象
Why Hong Kong?
Marvel Comics
Asia's World City
Global City
Financial Center
Best City
Filipe Andrade