Gravitas Partnership
M&S Loyalty Marketing
To turn mass of weekend window shoppers into paying customers
To increase average basket-spend
A tactical campaign including targeted DMs (acquired lists), in Mall / Shop posters and collaterals with membership card and accompanying ‘cheque-book’ (coupons) with instructions as to how the ‘Privilege’ card scheme worked (collect receipts for 10% discount on next purchase over HK$XX) and how easy it was to use.
Average basket spend increased by more than 40%
This was the most successful loyalty program M&S had ever done, anywhere. They copied the tactics to roll-out all over Europe
Times Direct Marketing Awards Finalist
client size 客戶: Marks & Spencer (HK)
industry focus 客戶行業: 零售
client size 客戶規模: 大型企業
service 服務: 商標設計 , 廣告平面設計 , 宣傳冊設計 , 直接營銷 , 印刷廣告 , 推播式營銷 (Outbound Marketing) , 展示廣告 , 零售品牌 , Ad 廣告活動 , 品牌名稱,商標和品牌定位
location 地區: 香港特別行政區
audience 目標對象: 企業對消費者 , 本地化 , 父母 , 女士 , 中產階級 , 成年人
M&S Loyalty Campaign
M&S Loyalty Campaign
M&S Member Pack
M&S Member Pack
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