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Hire Your Branding Agency in 3 Simple Steps

Define Your Needs
1. Define Your Needs
Tell us your requirements about your company brand and we will find you the right pros.
Get Quote
2. Get Quote
Receive quotes from qualified agencies who meet your needs.
Hire Right Agency
3. Hire Your Agency
Compare and select the agency who suits you best.
Higher Productivity with Quality Assurance
Whatever work you need, hire experienced agencies through 2Easy.
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Why Choose 2Easy for Your Branding Project?

Based in Hong Kong and ready to talk to you
Each of our branding agencies has gone through our verification process where only qualified ones are listed.
Ensured by our strict guidelines
Our branding agencies are only allowed to take projects they are capable and experienced to solve.
Extradordinary customer service
After you post a project, we respond to you within 2 hours. 100% human. Whenever you need help, we will get back to you by phone or email. We are based in Hong Kong, and we speak your language!
Estimates, compare
Based on the information you provide, selected branding companies give quotes. You can compare and understand the market rate.
Low complexity
Minimum - HKD 80,000
Mid complexity
Minimum - HKD 180,000
High complexity
Minimum - HKD 450,000
Low complexity
Average - HKD 100,000
Mid complexity
Average - HKD 200,000
High complexity
Average - HKD 500,000
Low complexity
Maximum - HKD 120,000
Mid complexity
Maximum - HKD 300,000
High complexity
Maximum > HKD 600,000
Here are the answers to the commonly asked questions to help you out.
Q: How do I hire a branding agency on 2Easy?

All you have to do is fill in our questionnaire and get quotes from the branding agencies who match your requirements. Proceed to compare and hire the agency of your choice.
Q: Can I see some of the branding strategy portfolios?

Yes, head over to Portfolio and browse the popular branding projects before choosing your preferred agencies.
Q: How much does it cost to brand my business?

Each project varies according to its complexity and time constrains. Get quote from compatible agencies to know the estimated cost.
Q: What does branding include?

From online branding to retail branding strategy & development, here at 2Easy we have plenty of branding experts that can help to build your business brand by designing your brand visual representations, changing your marketing strategy, boost your online presence and conducting market research.

Find the best branding agencies in Hong Kong

Strengthen your brand with great strategies
Looking for branding agency to build a prestigious brand or rebrand your company?
Search and filter through more than 100 eligible and verified branding companies on 2Easy. With our Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistance, get matched to the most suitable creative agency for branding according to your project specifications, agency's expertise and other requirements. Higher matching probability ensures a smooth project execution and completion. A fast and convenient way to reach out to your selected branding agencies and get quotes in no time at all!
Branding Your Business Empire
Stand out. With a prestigious and prominent brand, you will set yourself apart from your competitors.

Stronger brand image. Build your brand credibility and trust with your customers through consistent branding.

Grow your business. Form indelible impression on your customers' mind and gain new clients through referrals and word-of-mouth.
Branding as A Business Statement
Coordinate your visual design. Ensure your designs, for example, logo, banner, typography and graphics are similar or complementing one another across different platforms such as on website and social media.

Outline key qualities. Focus on your unique selling point, strengths and product features which differentiates you from your competitors.

Consistency is key. Your message, content and design should be consistent to build credibility on search engines and gain trust among your potential customers.

Research your industry. Knowing about the existence of your competitors is not sufficient, for a long term strategic plan, we recommend that you understand how well these businesses are doing.
Which project do you need help with?
Retail Branding
Brand Strategy & Development
Web & Online Branding
Social Media Branding
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