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Wedcam AR Platform
WedCam is an award winning Augmented Reality Platform for iOS and Android developed by Creote Studio that lets you integrate intuitive and stunning AR effects onto your products and promotion materials at ease. We have developed a new innovative effect for WedCam called “Interactive Visual Effect (IVE)” for WedCam that adds in a whole new dimension of interactivity into our effects. We also provide a series of consumer products embedded with AR effects that creates an experience for our customers that they have never seen before.
client size CLIENT: Creote Studio
industry focus INDUSTRY: Advertising & Marketing
client size CLIENT SIZE: Small Business
service SERVICE: 3D Designing , 3D Drawing , Design & Code , UX Design , UI Design , Retail Branding , Retail Environment , Brand Identity Guidelines , Android Development , iOS Development , Cross Platform Mobile Development
category TYPE: Mobile App , Enterprise Apps
location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR
audience TARGET AUDIENCE: Global Expertise , B2B , B2C , Corporate Communications , Local Expertise
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