Creote Studio
AR for HKDC Annual Report 2015
We have designed and created Augmented Reality (AR) effects for Hong Kong Design Centre’s (HKDC) 2015 annual report. It is the first annual report to embed interactive AR effects that enriches readers’ experience in reading the report. The AR effect was designed with Planets as the key element that aligns with the original design of the printed report. Each Planet represents a core pillar of HKDC’s direction, and when users tap onto each of the planet, a video with information of the respective pillar will be shown within the scene of the effects, giving reading high flexibility in obtaining information that they are interested in a fun, engaging and interactive way.
client size CLIENT: Hong Kong Design Centre
industry focus INDUSTRY: Arts, Entertainment & Music
client size CLIENT SIZE: Enterprise
location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR
audience TARGET AUDIENCE: Global Expertise , B2B , Corporate Communications , Local Expertise , Professional , Adult
Hong Kong Design Centre