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Facebook Application Development for TamJai to Increase Mobile App Download Rates
Jointedheart (Tam’s Shop) – Order Game Facebook Application

Client : Jointedheart Limited

Digital Platforms :

Facebook Application

Campaign Objectives :

Increase the fans number of Jointedheart Facebook Fan Page

Enhance download rates for Jointedheart’s mobile application

Encourage participation and sustainability by referring friends

Increase the viral effects via Facebook wall feed and incentives

What's about?

This Facebook application aims to recruit fans and draw more people “Like” Jointedheart HK Facebook Fan Page. It also helps to promote the Jointedheart mobile application. To enhance customers’ knowledge to Tam’s shop and encourage for more participations, users will experience an exciting food order process during the game.

The order game is a time challenge, the higher scores the user can get, the higher rank the user will be. Users can get stamps of Tam’s shop each day when they finish the game. Top 50 users will get more stamps as rewards. The stamps thus can be used to redeem offers. Besides, a wall feed can be shared after inviting friends, extra 5 stamps will be delivered once when users share to 5 friends.

To reach for both web and mobile users, this Facebook Application is developed by HTML with J-query animation.
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