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Facebook Fanpage and Instagram Management for Sheraton Grand Macao to Gain More Likes and Followers
Sheraton Grand Macao – Social Media Maintenance

Client : Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel

Digital Platforms :

Facebook Fanpage & Instagram

Campaign Objectives :

Increase fans of Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel Facebook Fan Page

Increase followers of Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel Instagram

Promote for Sheraton deals in an interactive and engaging way

Highlight and call for participations for promotion offers & events

What's about?

The social media maintenance aims to recruit more fans and followers for Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel’s social media platforms. It highlights and promotes the dining and room offers in interactive and engaging ways by interactive wall games, ad hoc and creative angles with attractive images. It also helps to call for more participation for promotion campaigns. The fanpage will also repost photos for Macao local activities and foodie sharing, providing a leisure way for fans to engage with Sheraton Grand Macao social media platforms.
client size CLIENT: Sheraton Grand Macao
industry focus INDUSTRY: Hospitality & Leisure
client size CLIENT SIZE: Enterprise
service SERVICE: Advertising Graphic Design , Photo Editing , Social Media Design , Advertising & PPC , Social Media Content Development , Social Media Account Management , Social Media Analytics , Social Media Paid Advertising , Web & Online Branding , Social Media Brand Fidelity Management , Retail Branding , Retail Environment
location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR
audience TARGET AUDIENCE: B2C , High Income , Middle Class , Adult
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