Jump Willy
The Visionaries “Animated Series”
The Visionaries is a series for TV, focused on science and how things around us can be interesting and funny.

Subjects such as how plants eat, how mp3 players work, why are there waves in the sea, how does a GPS gadget knows where we are, or how microwaves warm up our food, are just a few of the 65 themes and questions that The Visionaries are ready to answer in the most funny, simple and objective way.

The main characters – Andy, Tess, Michelle, Dot, Carl, and Ace – have all very different personalities and styles. That’s what makes them such a special group, complementary themselves in humor, friendship and knowledge. Each character has visual details and specific behaviors, as a result of their scientific expertise, like astronomy; life sciences; geography; energy or computer sciences.

Their look and color, along with their personality and body expression, help us to follow their expertise on a natural and logical way.

Have fun with The Visionaries and learn the most incredible things that you never got answers for!
client size CLIENT: Jump Willy
industry focus INDUSTRY: Arts, Entertainment & Music
client size CLIENT SIZE: Enterprise
category TYPE: 2D Animation , Features Video , Independent Video , Sound & Music Design
location LOCATION: Portugal
audience TARGET AUDIENCE: Teenagers , Children
The Visionaries HD Trailer