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THU 2017 – The Epoch of Belief
THU 2017 – The Epoch of Belief

We’re delighted to contribute to the production of THU’s promos every year, where the quality and style level reaches new records in every edition.

THU is one of the best Digital Art events in the World.

“The Tribe stands united, stronger than ever, tied together by the unbreakable bond of mutual trust and belief. All the members believe in themselves, believe in each other, believe in the power of art and the possibility of a different future. We can achieve anything.

We are not going to fear the future anymore, we’re going to create it. Together. Believing in ourselves and our talent.”
client size CLIENT: THU
industry focus INDUSTRY: Arts, Entertainment & Music
client size CLIENT SIZE: Enterprise
category TYPE: 2D Animation , Features Video , Sound & Music Design
location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR
audience TARGET AUDIENCE: Mass Public
THU 2017 - The Epoch of Belief