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KL SOGO: Integrated E-Commerce System Development - Fastest Growing Facebook Page in January 2014
The Challenge

To have an integrated sales approach between online and offline channels.

The Solution
• Develop a fully customised, full-fledged social eCommerce platform for KL SOGO.
• Integrate KL SOGO Online with their internal Membership Portal, currently supporting over 350,000 members.
• Strategised various campaigns pre and post launch of KL SOGO Online with the objectives of driving traffic, interest and traction
to the eCommerce store.
• Consult KL SOGO Online on various matters regarding their eCommerce presence, including but not limited to: digital marketing
strategies, social media campaigns, industry best practices, trends, and identifying the right solutions for each problem.

The Result

Recognised by Socialbakers as the fastest growing Facebook page
in January 2014
Fastest-Growing Page
client size CLIENT: KL SOGO
industry focus INDUSTRY: Retail
client size CLIENT SIZE: Enterprise
service SERVICE: Design & Code , UX Design , UI Design , Interaction Design , Advertising & PPC , Social Media Content Development , Social Media Account Management , Social Media Analytics , Social Media Paid Advertising , Web & Online Branding , Social Media Brand Fidelity Management , Retail Branding , Retail Environment , Ad Campaign , New Ecommerce Site Development , Ecommerce Theme Customization , Ecommerce Payment Processing Configuration , Full Stack Web Development , Backend Web Development , Static HTML & CSS , Web Programming , CMS
category TYPE: Websites
location LOCATION: Malaysia
audience TARGET AUDIENCE: Global Expertise , B2C , Corporate Communications , Local Expertise , Mass Public , Professional , High Income , Middle Class , Adult
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