East Meets West (Haida International)
Client: Haida Equipment Company Limited

Haida International is a Dongguan-based precision testing equipment manufacturer. Like other domestic industries, the Haida Group attaches great importance to online B2B. It has created websites, online stores, and uses Alibaba and other business platforms to sell products. However, they noticed that customers tend to be overly concentrated in the Asia Pacific region, especially in China. Swantix, therefore, offers the following four suggestions to those who are eager to expand to overseas opportunities:

1. De-modularisation – Chinese domestic web design house like to use existing templates as their websites, which saves design time but sacrifices customer perception and reduces the website’s natural ranking.

2. Geographic Design – the domestic website design style of a self-contained faction is rich with information, the number of words in detail, brilliant colors and good use of known web effects. However, overseas users are not accustomed to this style and often mistakenly think that the company’s design technology is backward, resulting in missed business opportunities.

3. Server Speed ​​- Haida International boasts overseas customers as the main promotional goal. The Swantix team suggested that they must choose a web server in Europe and the United States. Many Chinese manufacturers are accustomed to using domestic servers, one reason for cost savings and another for ease of management. Everyone knows that it is difficult for overseas users to quickly login to a Chinese server under the super firewall in China. It usually takes 2-3 minutes for a page to load. Will potential customers patiently wait?

4. Communication Channels – WeChat, Weibo, Tencent QQ, and Aliwangwang… these are the commonly used communication channels for domestic websites, allowing customers to directly query and place orders with the store owner. However, most European and American customers are not accustomed to using these services and the dedicated domestic communication platform often makes overseas customers abandon the website. There are also websites that use Live Chat Widgets so that customers who do not have the designated software can contact customer service immediately. However, many websites have ignored the time difference, so that overseas customers have to wait and see if customer service will contact them.

In response to the above suggestions, the Swantix team redesigned a new website for overseas customers and put the website on servers in the United States and Ireland to ensure that the website is smooth and efficient with a tailor-made single channel, so that overseas customers can successfully order, with less wait time.
industry focus INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
client size CLIENT SIZE: Enterprise
location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR
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