Wired Luxury Experience (Inzpire Beauty)
Client: Inzpire Beauty

Inzpire Beauty is a one-stop beauty, spa, and massage shop in Hong Kong that offers mid-to-high end beauty services and professional beauty treatments. They already have a traditionally designed website. But the site is a more conservative style and the typesetting is focused on text information, thus making it difficult to attract customer approval. They are committed to improving the site design, so they commissioned the Swantix team to improve the site. The Swantix team carefully studied the site architecture with the understanding that the main customer expectations of the site are as follows:

1. Convenient for mobile phone users to browse

2. Highlight the store’s design

3. Link to social media

4. Direct contact with potential customers

To summarise the above four topics, Swantix recommends that the client adopt a responsive design, which allows the users of mobile phones, computers, or tablets to view the website in the most suitable format.

In order to highlight the five major themes of the website, designers used the CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets) technology to create the Column Layout Design, the 20/20/20/20/20 rule home page that’s popular in Europe and the United States. This approach is convenient for viewers to observe the internal use but also to ensure a positive perception of user experience (User Experience).

For photo processing, the client hopes that the new website can be picture-based and text supplemented, so as to achieve the ‘picture has the truth,’ with a star-shaped service experience. The Swantix team not only carefully selected the actual treatment pictures from the client’s store but also, from the details of their former site, Swantix selected the color tone of the client’s store design style, which made the brand image more unified.

Many potential customers prefer to learn the details of a company’s service through social media or even make an appointment directly using this media. Swantix created a specific platform, making it simple for customers to connect with Instagram and Facebook, two of the most popular social media sites, to strengthen O2O business opportunities.
industry focus INDUSTRY: Consumer Products & Services
client size CLIENT SIZE: Midmarket
location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR
Website UI Design
Social Media Marketing
Hong Kong