Localizing A Global Brand (Sealy Mattress)
Client: Sealy Hong Kong

As an international mattress brand, Sealy Mattress focuses on the development of luxury-class hotel mattresses. This brand has been established worldwide for more than a hundred years. Unlike other multinational corporations, Sealy does not use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to copy a single website layout for all countries. Instead, it focuses on local wisdom and they voted for localisation in order to better meet the needs of users.

The Swantix design team considers the brand image for elegance, comfort and also their corporate identity with customers. In aim to focus on O2O purchase, the Swantix team has integrated the Google Map API into their website, allowing website audience, especially mobile users, to click on the map and find transportation or driving directions.

In addition, Swantix also integrated the website with Sealy’s customer management system to provide online maintenance registration services. Customers could simply log in to the website after purchasing the product to enjoy after sales support and warranty. With this design of a CMS, our client can update the web content on their own simply and quickly, which could save a lot of time and expense in long run.
industry focus INDUSTRY: Consumer Products & Services
client size CLIENT SIZE: Enterprise
service SERVICE: CMS
location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR
Website UI Design
Website UX Design
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