Client: Fancy Stand Limited

The original Tokyo Genza Mall was asking for a re-brand, and eMotionLab helped them on it. This is a series of rebranding video of the original Tokyo Genza Mall In Mong Kok. eMotionLAB provided the whole package, which helped the mall rebranded, renamed, and keep on promoting their brand and video production.

The video was created from still image of Mong Kok; by adding wild animals with fashionable wears, to show the audience unlikely scenes which are close to augmented reality. This core idea informed all aspects of design, from logo, branding video, interior design to the promotion advertisement latter on.
client size CLIENT: Fancy Stand Limited
industry focus INDUSTRY: Hospitality & Leisure
client size CLIENT SIZE: Enterprise
service SERVICE: Web & Online Branding , Retail Branding , Retail Environment , Name, Logo & Position Lines , Brand Identity Guidelines
category TYPE: Commercials , Corporate Video , Features Video , Promotional Video , Sound & Music Design , Visual Effect , Videos
location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR
audience TARGET AUDIENCE: B2C , Mass Public
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