Rush Hour Media

The entire project was a brand new concept so we worked very closely with the Whizpa team as part-time Chief Tech Officers (CTOs) to fully conceptualise how the system will best function and help build the brand. While the target audience was clear, there is still a wide range of parents to cater to with varieties of age groups and knowledge of the education systems locally. So we had to carefully consider the UX design and convey the idea of children and education in the branding without looking overly childish.


All together we created a bright and eye-pleasing website with a powerful search platform for parents to find detailed features about a vast number of education services and share reviews with one another. Whizpa came from the idea of whispers which reflects the ability for parents to share one another’s reviews and tips about a service provider. Finally, Whizpa was made, where uploading information is easy for both parent users and the admin team. And as of the completion of phase one, we are continuously working on more valuable features to add on.
location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR