La Cite Noble Clubhouse Facility Booking System
We help Lacite Noble Estate to design and develop a tailor made Clubhouse Management System that simplifies their daily workflow and automate the whole booking process to improve user experience for residence and efficiency for the property management staff.


Responsive Web Design
Cloud Based ​Web App Development


La Cite Noble
​Henderson Land Development Company Limited

Our client is a sizeable estate in Hong Kong, with more than 9,000 residents living in the community and we help them to created a cloud based application that allow clubhouse staff and resident to manage their facility bookings online and manage day-to-day financial transaction with various type of reports that are needed in company daily operation.
client size CLIENT: Henderson Land Development Company Limited
industry focus INDUSTRY: Real Estate
client size CLIENT SIZE: Midmarket
service SERVICE: Design & Code , UX Design , UI Design , Frontend Web Application Development , Full Stack Web Development , Backend Web Development , Static HTML & CSS , Web Programming , CMS
category TYPE: Websites
location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR
audience TARGET AUDIENCE: B2C , B2E , Professional , High Income , Middle Class
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​Henderson Land Development Company Limited
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