Infin Media Company Limited
Website Development for Cultural Presentations section, LCSD
Client: LCSD (Leisure and Cultural Services Department)

A flexible web solution that Infin media completed within 3 months from design to launch

Provided Services:

1. Web Design
2. Responsive Web Design
3. Web Development
4. Web Maintenance
5. CMS Development
6. Search Function
7. Multi Language Support
8. Web For All
9. Email Subscription
10. E-newsletter Design


The Cultural Presentations Section is a department of LCSD aims to promote arts and culture in Hong Kong. It is formed by 5 different teams, each team is responsible to a great deal of particular cultural programmes to release to public.

In this year, we employed a contemporary and vibrant design to the website. The highlighted programmes will be shown in the homepage in different formats like a banner slideshow and videos, which is to attract the visitors to view the details. Also we use responsive web technique due to the great amount of mobile device users. In order to let the clients to have more control on the website content, we developed a CMS so that they can easily update the programmes details by their own, and the highlighted function of the CMS is that it is able to detect and hide the outdated programmes automatically to share content effectively.
client size CLIENT: Leisure and Cultural Services Department
industry focus INDUSTRY: Government
client size CLIENT SIZE: Enterprise
service SERVICE: Design & Code , UI Design , Frontend Web Application Development , Full Stack Web Development , Backend Web Development , Static HTML & CSS , Web Programming , CMS
category TYPE: Websites
location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR
audience TARGET AUDIENCE: Mass Public
Website Development
Responsive Website
Multi Language Support