E-Mix - Web Development
EMIX (HK) Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Singaporean listed company, NSL Group. They are the market leader in chemicals, engineering and construction industries in the Asia Pacific region. Their main endeavor is to lead the way to making Green Construction the standard in the Asian region and to bring eco-friendly construction and engineering into the future. EMIX approached WECREATE HK with the desire to showcase the company as a paragon of environmentally friendly manufacturing through a revamp of the company’s website design. The website went through a full overhaul whilst retaining the main brand elements of EMIX, but the main proponents of the change were the UI layout, the typographical choices and the choice of imagery as well. EMIX’s site was built to show the company’s prowess in it’s respective industry, but it was also imperative to create a distinct UX design as EMIX wanted to showcase their products too (similar to e-commerce but without the online sales). Overall, using slick graphical elements and dynamic layout designs, the website successfully reaches the targets for EMIX and helps them stand apart from their competitors.
tech TECH: Wordpress
location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR