Cathay Pacific - Branding Project
Marco Polo Club and Asia Miles are the loyalty programs of Cathay Pacific. They are designed to reward loyal customers by offering great exclusive privileges and special benefits to enhance travel experience. In order to help current and prospective customers get the best of both worlds, Cathay Pacific approached us, asking to design an easy-to-read infographic that highlights the similarities and differences between the two programmes. A good narrative is the backbone of an infographic. Our expert graphic designers started the project from the basic content level. We read everything to ensure no important information had been missed.

We made data engaging and easy-to-read by using colors, typographies, and illustrations. The clear section breaks and the sharp icon designs give this unique infographic a well balance between visual and textual features. We go wild on benefits, and benefits are worth to share. This infographic does an excellent job of walking readers through somewhat complex reward process, whilst maintaining a clear takeaway: both Asia Miles and Marco Polo Club are beneficial for your travel plan. Thanks to this infographic, people can now enjoy flying benefits quickly, for a better travel enjoyment.
location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR