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OXFAM - Infinity Walker Gamification Mobile App
Oxfam infinity walker app is a walking mobile app with reward system designed and developed by DigiSalad team. Most walking app in the current market is simply designed for fitness use. However, Oxfam Infinity Walker mobile app is aiming at the promotion of work-life balance and healthy social networking in Hong Kong. A reward system is also established in order to enhance the engagement rate of users. The vision of this app makes it outstanding.

With regard to its purposes, this app promotes the social health of Hong Kong, this hustle and bustle city. Users will eventually embrace the benefits of walking and the fun of building healthy social life style together with their families and friends.


Integrating with Google Map service, the app allows real-time route tracking for different pre-set walking routes. Users can also customise their own walking routes inside the app. Number of steps of participants will also be recorded accurately from the start point to end point of the track.


Users can form team by themselves. Teams can battle with their own customised routes. This is designed to improve the interaction between app users and excitement of walking. Also, different missions are set for teams to compete and complete, which aims at enhancing the user engagement.


There is a personal dashboard to display the walking details of the users and their team members, such as the number of steps, walking progress, individual/ team missions, earned rewards, etc. Participants can tailor their own walking paths, which is useful for beginners to be more engaged in the satisfaction of walk when they can actually adjust according to their own abilities. This app is targeting for the general public, no matter of the age, the gender, etc.

Let's download the app from the below link and start walking now!


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client size CLIENT: Oxfam Hong Kong
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location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR
audience TARGET AUDIENCE: Mass Public
Oxfam Infinity Walker Gamification Mobile App
Oxfam Infinity Walker Gamification Mobile App
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