IOT App Development & E-Commerce Website Development
Project Background

Tittle is an interactive LED cube that allows users to play light animations from their mobile app.

Clarity worked with Tittle in the following areas:

- Built the iOS & Android native mobile app
- Built the e-commerce website
- Built the web application for the “Paint Emoji” function
- Implemented the data structure and transmission method for
connecting the hardware

Delivery Schedule

Our client wanted to showcase the product at various exhibitions. The product delivery schedule had to align with those events.

We employed the agile methodology to keep tasks on track. By separating the project into sprints, we estimated the time and works accurately.

Different UX & UI

Tittle app served for the hardware, and had different user behaviours than e-commerce or social media apps.

We employed a different design style to make the app look as a control tool for Tittle. We also added animations to interact with users.

Cross-team works

Bugs came from firmware, hardware to software. Cross-team efforts were often required to fix bugs.

We arranged team meetings regularly to discuss the problems and solutions. We prepared documentation to let other teams understand the software issues.
client size CLIENT: Tittle
industry focus INDUSTRY: Consumer Products & Services
client size CLIENT SIZE: Midmarket
service SERVICE: Design & Code , UX Design , UI Design , User Research , New Ecommerce Site Development , Android Development , iOS Development , Cross Platform Mobile Development , Frontend Web Application Development , Backend Web Development , Static HTML & CSS , Web Programming , CMS
category TYPE: Mobile App , Websites , Consumer Apps , Startups Apps , Boutique App Developers
location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR
audience TARGET AUDIENCE: B2C , Mass Public , Hipster , Middle Class
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