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The retail industry in Hong Kong is highly competitive. As online shopping had joined the fierce battlefield, you can now buy anything online, lifting the retail industry to an ever fiercer competition. It is rather challenging to standing out amongst online stores. Especially when established brands and bricks and mortars are also developing their online footprints (O2O - offline to online) to attract existing customers to shop on their online stores. Therefore, in addition to your physical stores, you must have your own online store. Attracting new customers and driving sales via creative online marketing strategy. Companies with big pockets can even apply AR (Augmented Reality) technology to their business or marketing plan, to thrive in the competitive industry.

【Retail Online Shop Design】9 out of 10 people decide on which store to buy from based on its design and brand positioning

Having an attractive online store design with an easy-to-use interface helps to capture the attention of a customer and motivate them to shop on your website

Excellent web design: Captures the customer’s attention in seconds
With the surge in the number of online stores, customers usually spend an average of 5 seconds on your website before deciding to either stay or proceed to the next one. Therefore, your store’s design should be captivating to attract and engage a new customer.
The intro video on your website is equally important
More than 70% of new customers use the product intro videos to decide whether or not they’ll buy a product or service from your store. So, make sure your website and product into videos are simple, professional, and most importantly, captivating.
Google receives more than 2.9 billion searches a day
Tapping into this Google traffic is the key to getting the word out about your website. How? SEO is the answer! You must optimize your website content for search engines by; 1. Picking your target audience 2. Understanding what they are searching for 3. Developing an effective keyword strategy 4. Implementing the strategy Remember, the higher you rank in Google Search, the higher the chances of prospective customers finding you

【Online Marketing】Online advertising is an essential tool for the retail business

Many retail businesses operate under the illusion that people will magically appear and buy from them because they’re offering a product they need. Online advertising comes in to inform prospective customers about the quality of your products, thus bringing in more customers and making more sales. Identifying your target market and curating advertising strategies that target them is the purpose of online marketing.  
Social Media: Social Media is an indispensable tool that can help retail companies to reach millions of potential customers effortlessly. And now that most people are already using social media, retail companies should consider managing their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts professionally. Having someone to manage your social media and post about your products regularly helps to reach more prospective customers. Designing and implementing effective social media advertising strategies can help you win over more customers and bring more sales to your company.
Online Ad (Google Ad / Facebook Ad) Social Media Marketing:Create a captivating activity on your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) that redirects the user to your website.
KOL: Online is another way to promote your company. More people will read KOL’s posts as compared to yours, which is an effective way to spread the word about your company and products.
Bounty Program: Bounty programs encourage the existing customers to be your brand ambassadors. By rewarding loyal members who bring in new customers with discounts, you can achieve a wider reach. People usually trust their friends when making important decisions, which makes this form of promotion very effective.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Improve your Google rankings by understanding what your target audience is searching and developing a keyword strategy that specifically targets them.

【AR Application】Your customer can have a feel of your products from the comfort of their home, which is convenient for both parties

Online stores can use AR Augmented Reality Technology to present their products uniquely to the customer. This technology helps to bridge the gap and inequity that people see in online stores. Whether you’re selling jewellery, skincare products, or fashion and Lifestyle items, Augmented Reality AR allows the customer to use virtual reality to immerse into the experience before purchasing your product. Online stores should use this marketing technology to increase their market share.

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