Creote Studio
Towngas AR Stove
Creote has utilised Augmented Reality technology onto TownGas’ stove. Since real fire is not allowed in the showroom, therefore, we have created a 3D model embedded with Augmented Reality where audience can view the virtual stove and fire on the screen, without risking to get burnt. By using AR, information such as website can be directed from the app, audience can also choose different models to view, which increase the interactions between company and the audience.
client size 客戶: Towngas
industry focus 客戶行業: 公用事業
client size 客戶規模: 大型企業
service 服務: 3D設計服務 , 3D繪圖 , 零售品牌 , 零售環境
location 地區: 香港特別行政區
audience 目標對象: 企業對消費者 , 企業形象 , 女士 , 大眾
3D design