Creote Studio
VR for Hong Kong Post Office
This is a project appointed by Hong Kong Post Office to make a VR Customer Service Training. Employees can put on a VR goggles and enter a virtual world, which they are required to answer questions for different scenario in order to train their customer service skills. The MC questions are especially designed for them that we have quoted some most popular cases for the employees. We also provided UI service so that companies need not to hire other designers to work with the app.
client size 客戶: Hong Kong Post Office
industry focus 客戶行業: 政府機構
client size 客戶規模: 大型企業
service 服務: 3D設計服務 , 3D繪圖 , 設計和編碼 , UI設計
location 地區: 香港特別行政區
audience 目標對象: 企業對員工
Hong Kong Post Office
3d design