OpenMinds HK
Branding by Youtube for Sex Topic - Gain 120K Views on Youtube
The Challenge
• To create brand awareness and educate the public on the knowledge of premature ejaculation without mentioning the brand name.

The Solution
• Utilised an educational approach targeted towards both genders.
• Produced 3 videos where conceptual ideas and storyboards are developed to illustrate premature ejaculation.
• A customised walkthrough page is created, with interactive infographics, a video section and gender-based FAQ and Quiz
that leads to a call-to-action to the eCommerce store.
• Implemented conservative ad buying on YouTube.

The Result
• 120,000 Views on YouTube for the 3 videos
• 3 Countries Adapted the idea
client size 客戶: Menarini
industry focus 客戶行業: 保健及生命科學
client size 客戶規模: 大型企業
service 服務: 廣告和PPC , 社交媒體內容開發 , 社交媒體帳戶管理 , 社交媒體分析 , 社交媒體付費廣告 , 網上品牌管理 , Ad 廣告活動
category 類型: 2D動畫 , 廣告類型 , 企業性質短片 , 推廣短片 , 聲音和音樂設計
location 地區: 馬來西亞
audience 目標對象: 企業形象 , 男士
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