Client: AbundantWhale

About The Client:

AbundantWhale is a digital platform that promotes the idea of fund-raising for healthcare, a new way of sharing love by helping patients in need.


AbundantWhale had an urge to present it’s innovative fund-raising idea "Suspended Healthcare”, a project to help people who cannot afford their medical treatment with an inforgraphic video.

What We Have Done:

We used a heart warming story with detailed illustrations to accurately explain such meaningful mission and motivate participation. The branding motion graphics makes use of infographics to relate the background to patients in need in an interesting way and connect the audience with the brand.


The infographics video serves as an effective alternative method which is more dignifying approach to encourage donations. The motion graphics are then broadcast through social media to spread the brand message across the region.
client size 客戶: AbundantWhale
industry focus 客戶行業: 保健及生命科學
client size 客戶規模: 大型企業
category 類型: 2D動畫 , 廣告類型 , 企業性質短片 , 解釋說明類型短片 , 推廣短片 , 聲音和音樂設計
location 地區: 香港特別行政區
audience 目標對象: 企業對企業 , 企業對消費者 , 企業形象
AbundantWhale Infographic Video
AbundantWhale Infographics Video - Cantonese Version
AbundantWhale Infographics Video - Mandarin Version
AbundantWhale Infographics Video - Taiwanese Version
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