Swire Properties - Web Development
Modern, cosy and bright, the 120 units at Star Studios have been individually crafted to incorporate a range of textures, colors and spaces. Star Studios also has ready-to-move-in, furnished Designer Suites, which were designed in two different color schemes by acclaimed interior design firms BTR Workshop and Nude Design Limited. Star Studios’ parent company, Swire Properties, contacted WECREATE HK to help create a visually dynamic and modern website that is aimed towards attracting their main target audience of wealthy 20-somethings and to inform and showcase to potential customers the benefits and logistics of living in such a hip and up-and-coming neighborhood. Star Studios had engaging visuals and a brand identity to work with, so we kept those elements in mind when choosing the subtle gold and blue-toned color choice, elegant and modern typography and minimalistic and stylized iconography. One of the most important aspects of the web design is the floor plan and interior showcase, and we had to design interactive elements that viewers could engage in to explore what the property could provide. We created a comprehensive design that was able to segment all the information neatly within the site and added filters to help condense the floor plans provided without confusing the viewer. Overall, with its modernistic touches and contemporary stylings, we created a website that’s able to showcase the core brand value of the website, the properties and services it provides and specifically touches and involves the target audience very well.
location LOCATION: Hong Kong SAR