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Low complexity
Minimum - MYR 40,000
Mid complexity
Minimum - MYR 90,000
High complexity
Minimum - MYR 300,000
Low complexity
Average - MYR 50,000
Mid complexity
Average - MYR 125,000
High complexity
Average - MYR 400,000
Low complexity
Maximum - MYR 60,000
Mid complexity
Maximum - MYR 150,000
High complexity
Maximum > MYR 500,000
Here are the answers to the commonly asked questions to help you out.
Q: How do I hire a mobile app development company on 2Easy?

All you have to do is fill in our questionnaire and get quotes from the mobile application developers who match your requirements. Proceed to compare and hire the agency of your choice.
Q: Can I see some of the mobile app development portfolios?

Yes, head over to Portfolio browse the popular mobile applications development projects before choosing your preferred agencies.
Q: How long does it take to build a mobile app?

That depends on the complexity of your project and the flexibity of the mobile application developer. Before hiring any developers, do bring up your concerns to ensure a smooth discussion.
Q: I'm not tech-savvy. How can you help me if I need to develop an app?

Worry not, the agencies listed on 2Easy are verified mobile app professionals. They are able to explain at every stages of the development process to help you understand your mobile applications better. If you are not sure about anything, please feel free to talk to us via the Live Chat below. We are able to help at all times.

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Looking for app developers to create your own iOS or Android applications?
Search and filter through more than 100 eligible and verified application development agencies on 2Easy. With our Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistance, get matched to the most suitable professional app developers according to your project specifications, agency's expertise and other requirements. Higher matching probability ensures a smooth project execution and completion. A fast and convenient way to reach out to your selected app development companies and get quotes in no time at all!
Mobile Application as Prominent Brand Identity
Improve user experience. Users will most likely become customers when the apps are easy to use and convenient to them.

Increase customer engagement. Keep your customers updated about your business with in app or push notifications.

Boost brand visibility. Use the opportunity to gain brand awareness with a mobile app because mobile users spend a significant amount of time on their devices.
Mobile Application as Effective Marketing Tool
Develop responsive design interface. Ensure your mobile application can fit the screen resolution perfectly for different devices such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei.

Master one platform. If this is your first application, launch it on one platform first. Onceyou have mastered it, cross to multiple mobile platforms.

Test your app. Use and test your mobile apps as a user before releasing it to the market to ensure smooth app launch and revise any glitches.

Enhance user engagement. App performance is an important factor which determines whether the users will continue using your mobile applications.
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