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Anthon Production Limited
To make a value with your company
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Location: Hong Kong Sar
Founded: 2018
We speak English , Mandarin & Cantonese
TV Advertisements
Infographic Animation
Corporate Video
Online Video
Tutorial Video
Music Video
Social Media
Digital Marketing Strategy
Social Media Marketing
Key Clients: 香港政府、香港青年協會、美容公司、商業影片、電視廣告、微電影、企業影片
Office - Hong Kong Sar
- Room B12, 8th Floor, Eastern Industrial Building, Nos.42-55, Kwai Ting Road, Kwai Chung,HK

Anthon Production Limited

MV拍攝比賽 亞軍
銀都電影公司 『美麗香港人情事』短片拍攝計劃
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